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Gate and Garage Door Automation is not just a convenience, it also minimises the risk of getting hi-jacked right outside your home or office. There are many types of gate and garage door motors to suit different types of gates or doors. Motors for swing gates include, pedestal mount, wall mount, hydraulic motors, flush mount(you don’t see a motor). Motors for sliding gates are generally floor mounted with a gear driving the gate. There are basically 3 types of garage doors i.e. sectional, tilt up or roll up and there are motors available for all three. We also Install and maintain manual and automated booms with or without automated spikes.

Electric Fencing is your first line defence against would be intruders but please bear in mind that electric fencing is not designed to keep would be burglars or intruders from entering your home, property or premises. Firstly electric fencing is a deterrent it deters any intruder from attempting to gain access to your premises. The voltage on an electric fence ranges from 5 000 volts (5kva) to 10 000volts (10kva) although the amperage is not that high the shock from an electric fence is enough to change the mind of that would be intruder. Secondly electric fencing is an early warning system that will alert you (through sirens and strobe lights) or a security company (radio Transmitter) if there is a problem on the electric fence.

Divcom Security Solutions - "Complete Security Solutions!"
Electronic Security Solutions including Alarm Systems, Access Control, CCTV Cameras, Electric Fencing, Gate Motors, Intercoms and Boom Gates.

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